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 Varlexxia The Legendary Saiyan

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Ki Sensing
Character Name: Varlexxia
Race: Saiyan
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PostSubject: Varlexxia The Legendary Saiyan   Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:02 pm

Name: Varlexxia

Age: 19

Race:Legendary Saiyan

Techniques: Black Shadow; A black energy wave attack that was created by Varlexxia

Items: Sword

Character Description:

Character Bio: Varlexxia was born to two elite saiyan warriors. They kept her around until she was five years old. They taught her how to uphold morals and respect power when she was three. As she grew to five years of age the saiyans found out she was one of the fabled Legendary Saiyans, Saiyans capable of taping into the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan like Broly. They then shunned her and soon outcasted.

The legendary saiyan girl was left on earth. Once there she was left to fend on her own. She was shortly found and taken in by an old woman who was an ex-martial artist. She pent three years learning from the woman before the woman died. After burying her the legendary saiyan went beserk and achieved the super saiyan state. Though she went a bit higher and almost tapped into her true potential. She then spent the years wandering and learning martial arts styles until she was sixteen. She then was corrupted with her power and went about slaughtering people and villages for six years. She is currently on earth looking for a fight.

Starting Planet: Earth

Alignment: -5 Evil

Other: She is blind and uses a sort of sense to move around.
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Ki Sensing
Character Name: Kiema
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PostSubject: Re: Varlexxia The Legendary Saiyan   Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:10 pm

Approved! Very Happy
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Varlexxia The Legendary Saiyan
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