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 Dark Super Saiyan: The evil saiyan/half-saiyan form

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Dark Super Saiyan: The evil saiyan/half-saiyan form Empty
PostSubject: Dark Super Saiyan: The evil saiyan/half-saiyan form   Dark Super Saiyan: The evil saiyan/half-saiyan form I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2011 2:51 am

Dark Saiyan

Dark Saiyan: A Saiyan that has attained the dark super saiyan form. Their aura color stays black though their eye color turns a deep red.

Dark Super Saiyan: A different form of a Super Saiyan that replaces it. It gives the Saiyan white hair and eyebrow color while their eyes stay the same super saiyan color. Their Aura also turns white as they gain access to special hidden techniques.

Requirements: Must have obtained SSJ, 35,000
Gained: X5 Strength, X5 Endurance, X3 Ki, X2 speed, X4 Defense
Must have an emotional trigger and the emotion must be destructive.

Dark Super Saiyan 2: A more advanced form of the light super saiyan form. This form is triggerd like a regular super saiyan 2 Form and they appear the same black color aura as they have the super saiyan 2 electricity flow off of them except its black. The hidden techniques they learned in DSSJ are increased in power.
Requirements: 40,000 pl
Gained: X6 Strength, X6 Endurance. X4 Ki, X3 Speed, X5 Defense
Must have killed a village's worth of people

Dark Super Saiyan 3: The Dark Saiyan version of Super Saiyan 3. They look almost identical except for the Dark Saiyans unique black colored aura. The techniques aquired from DSSJ evolve into white variants with the Word Dark in their names.
Requirements: 50,000 pl
Gained: X7 Strength, X7 Endurance, X5 Ki, X4 Speed, X6 Defense
Must have killed a city's worth of people

Dark Super Saiyan 4: This is the final and ultimate form of a Dark Saiyan. They stay human but they grow fiercer and Stronger and so muscled that they look inhuman with their sheer amount of muscle strength. They can demolish building with a finger. Their hair spikes out like in DSSJ but it goes higher and is more pointed. Their techniques are powerful enough to destroy entire planets when charged to their utmost max and have evolved into a new form with Shadow instead of Dark in their name.

[center]Requirements: 5,000,000 pl
Gained: X20 Strength, X20 Endurance, X18 Ki, X10 Speed, X19 Defense
Must have destroyed an entire planet or faced and passed the trials posted by the ancient Dark Saiyan in HFIL: The Demon Realm

These Saiyan forms are only attainable by Evil Saiyans/Half-Saiyans.

Their techniques are based on the character who creates them as each technique is unique to each one. Just fill out this template:

Type Of Kai Blast: (Beam,Waves,Barrage, Ect)



Maker of Technique:

PL Required To Learn (If There is any):

Any Specific Race That Can Only Learn It?:

Anything Else?:
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Dark Super Saiyan: The evil saiyan/half-saiyan form
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