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 Kiema the Saiyan (Updated)

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Character Name: Kiema
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Kiema the Saiyan (Updated) Empty
PostSubject: Kiema the Saiyan (Updated)   Kiema the Saiyan (Updated) I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 24, 2011 6:14 pm

Name: Kiema

Age: 20

Race: Saiyan

Techniques: Ragnarock's Hand: Kiema created this move by focusing all of his anger and rage into a red ball attack. He holds it with a hand appearance that looks like he's cluthcing something before he throws it. It explodes n contact with the first thing it touches.

Items: Standard sword

Character Description: Kiema wears a long flowing black robe with a red jacket over it. Underneath his robe he has a white gi with a black sash. His hair color was red but turned a bright silver while his eyes are brown. He also has several animal scars on his arms and main part of his torso. Kiema's hair reaches his back.

Character Bio: Kiema was born on earth but his parents was born on Planet Vegeta and they had two older boys and a girl. They made this decision for him after they found his grandparent's corpses while they were investigating a series of disappearancesof Saiyans on a conquered planet. They found the culprits but were astonished to see that it was their other children a fight ensued. Kiema's father and mother managed to kill their other two sons but their daughter managed to escape. When his parents returned to Planet Vegeta they found out they had been branded traitors and were being hunted down. They managed to find Kiema and get to a spacecraft and sent it to a random planet. They protected the craft as it started launching. They died to protect Kiema and he landed on earth. Kiema was found and nurtured by a she-wolf. The wolf raised him until he was able to fend for himself. After that he remained in the woods and was as feral as a beast is. Though soon a martial artist found him and spent years teaching him how to speak and how to fight. Soon he was able to train on his own. He started training everyday and soon was able to use energy attacks though one attack from an enemy blinded him. He started traveling after he learned how to get bywith his blindness and now he wanders the world.

He has fallen even more into his evil ways. He also has grew more powerful and more wiser since he entered the hyperbolic time chamber. He also has grown more independent than what he used to be. He is currently travveling earth.

Starting Planet: Earth

Alignment: Evil

Other: Energy wave (blue), Is blind
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Kiema the Saiyan (Updated)
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