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 Legendary Saiyans

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PostSubject: Legendary Saiyans   Legendary Saiyans I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 23, 2011 8:01 pm


Saiyans are a naturally aggressive warrior race who are supposedly the strongest warriors in the universe. They were nearly taken over by Frieza until King Vegeta stopped Frieza and banished him. After close extinction the Saiyans regrouped and defended their homeland from tyrants such as Frieza and the Changlings.

Starting stats:

PL- 400
Ki- 100
Endurance- 50
Intelligence- 50
Strength- 100
Defense- 50

Special techniques:

Flight- The Ability to fly

Energy wave- The most basic energy attack

Saiyan Pride- If a saiyan survives a heavy battle and is badly injured he/she will receive a stats boost.


Super Saiyan:

The user is completely enraged with anger and frustration and transforms into a Super Saiyan. The users hair spikes up and turns a golden yellow their eye pupils turn green and they gain a golden aura. The ability to become a Super Saiyan was once considered to be nothing but a mere legend

Required: 21,000 PL

Gained While in this form: 4 x Strength , 3x Endurance, 3x Ki, 2x Speed, 2x Defense

Lasts: 9 Post

An emotional trigger is required to access this transformation. After you have triggered this form it can be turned on without needing an emotional trigger. (The emotional trigger will be accepted by a admin or mod)

Legendary Super Saiyan

The Legendary Saiyan has tapped into their true power and potential. They have increased power reserves and bulk up do to their power increase. They are veiwed as overly muscular and are generally slower but are far more powerful.

Required: 42,000 PL

Gained While in this form: 8 x Strength , 6x Endurance, 6x Ki, 4x Speed, 8x Defense

Lasts: Forever (This form replaces the user's normal form.)

This form is only attainable through an emotional trigger and fighting. The emotional trigger is usually anger. Emotional trigger will be approved by an admin.
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Legendary Saiyans
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