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 Karas (The Male Saiyan!)

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PostSubject: Karas (The Male Saiyan!)   Karas (The Male Saiyan!) I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 19, 2012 7:40 pm

Name: Karas

Age: N/A Unkown

Race: Saiyan


Type Of Kai Blast: Viper's Venom

Color: Red and Blue

Description: A technique charged in disguise of a Big Bang Attack, It's a red ball of Ki energy shot by shouting "Viper's Venom!" when the player is about to shoot it, it turns a Deep Blue color. About Same strength as the Kame-Hame-Ha!

Maker of Technique: Karas

PL Required To Learn (If There is any): ANY

Any Specific Race That Can Only Learn It? : Saiyans and Humans

Items: Sword

Character Description: Karas (The Male Saiyan!) -anime-guy

Character Bio: name: Karas
sex: male
race: saiyan
Height: 6'4"
weight: 200 lbs
age: n/a
eye color: red
hair color: black with grey bangs
fighting preference: swords and hand to hand combat

history: Karas was born as a elite saiyan on planet Vegeta and was sent off on a mission to lead a team from planet to planet with the task of bringing each one under the rule of King Vegeta. Karas returned from his mission with only two of his original teammates with the hopes he could get a new team to lead. He was shocked when he saw inhabidents of planet Freeza ruling over most of his saiyan bretheren, thus he was put into a state of saiyan rage in which he began to single handedly tear down Freeza's army before being pulled back by his remaining teammates and pushed back into his pod, thus being sent back into space in stasis until he landed on earth. Once awake he found he remembered nothing more than his own name. One day while training in the mountains he was over come by his lost memories and was filled with the rage of what Freeza had done to his kind, he attempted to return to planet Vegeta but could not due to his space pod no longer funconing correctly. He has lived from time to time within the mountains he had trained in upon his arrival as well as Orange Star City. His love of fighting has brought him to the world martial arts tournament each year with him ranking second place each time. He will always look for a fight if one doesn't come to him, this in turn brings him on edge with Vegeta and Goku from time to time and he is always willing to spar with any other warrior who comes to him with the question.

Starting Planet: Earth

Alignment: Neutral

Other: Roleplay Sample: Karas layed back on the cool earth of the mountain, his training was all but over but for now he figured he could take a small break. He sighed, "Man its dull around here, I mean come on whats the point of training when I don't have anyone to fight?" He looked at the clouds over his head and sighed again, pushing himself up with his hands and clenching his fists a few times. "I hope the world martial arts touriment starts soon I can't stand having a life this dull." He worked a few kinks out of his shoulders and looked at his sword, it was sticking straight up with his stabbing it into the earth before he went to relax. "Well some unarmed training can be good I guess." He rolled out of the way as a ki blast struck the very spot he had just been standing in, his head whipped around to see who had attacked him, "Vengence! what do you want?" He didn't understand what he was doing asking him when he probibly already knew what he was here for. "I came to finally kill my weaker half." The floating black haired man told him, brownie point for Karas, he didn't have to waste he breath with his other half, just his punches. "Fine you want it Vengence then you got it!" He balled his fists and took off after his other self.

The battle ended within a few hours, Karas stood over the broken body that was once his emptiness, his sorrow, his dispare, "You never learn do you? Just stay down." He shook his head as the broken body of Vengence stood once more, the places his flesh had been torn had already begun to heal, his bones realinged themselves and repaired the breaks and cracks they had gained. "No Karas I will continue to fight you until I win and prove that I was the one you spawned from, I refuse to accept the fact that you of all people can be my equal." He licked away a trickle of blood from his lips and took back to the sky, "Mark my words I will hunt you down as long as I need to and when the day comes I will kill you with my own hands!" He turned and flew off to lick his wounds.

Karas sighed and flopped back again, his wounds beginging to heal but not nearly fast enough, "Its like I said earlier its way too dull around here, I need a real fight." He let out a breath of air he hadn't known he had been holding in and stood up once more, cracking his arms and fingers, "Right back to that training."
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Karas (The Male Saiyan!)
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