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 The Androids

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PostSubject: The Androids   The Androids I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 7:28 pm

Androids will start off with

1300 PL

Ki - 200

Speed - 100

Endurance - 400

Intelligence - 300

Strength - 200

Defense- 100

Androids - Androids are closely resembled to humans. Most of the androids are said to have unlimited energy and have eternal life. They also have no aura unlike Saiyans, Humans, and others. They are a powerful and strong race and are not to be messed with.

Special Techniques -

Unlimited Ki

Wings - Flying without the use of KI

Ability Hard Armor - Takes less damage from melee attacks.

Energy Field - Absorbs Small Ki Blasts

Cybernetic Power

The Androids Android19NV

This is the first android stage. The user gains incredible defense and can almost withstand any melee attack but loses alot of strength in the process.

Required: 10,000 PL

Gains: (Half Your Strength) 3x Endurance, 3x Ki, 2x Speed, 5x Defense

Lasts: 5 Posts (until 20,000 PL then upgrade will be Official)

This trans. is automatically gained once reached the required PL. You must at least have transformed into this trans. once before having it added to your technique list.

Cybernetic Success

The Androids 1452591756_34fb1f8c2a

This is the second Android Stage. The user has developed fully and is considered a success by all android makers(Dr. gero etc.) your speed and strength has dramatically increased but your defense has lowered since your last transformation.

Required: 1,000,000

Gains:4x Strength, 3x Endurance, 3x Ki , 4x Speed, 2.5x Defense

Lasts: 5 Posts (until 2,000,000 then upgrade will be official)

This trans. is automatically gained once reached the required PL. You must at least have transformed into this trans. once before having it added to your technique list.

Super Android

The Androids Super17

This is the 3rd transformation for an android and is your new base form. You have finally become one of the greatest android alive and your strength and speed have massively increased. Your defense has become higher than that of your previous transformations making you a perfect android.

Required: 50,000,000

Gains: x5 Strength, 4x Endurance, 4x Ki, x5 Speed, 7x Defense

Lasts: Forever seeing it becomes your new base form.

This transformation is acquired by having another android model the same as you, fuse with you. There will be certain quests which will create another you for this transformation.

Ultimate Android

The Androids Ultima10

This is the final transformation for an android. You have achieved the greatest android transformation of all. You have greater strength and speed but lower defense you have bulked up much more than ever before and your skin changes to the color blue. Your hair then changes to Red and you lose the color of your eye pupils.

Required: 150,000,000

Gains: 9x Strength, 8x Endurance, 8x Ki, 9x Speed, 12x Defense

Lasts: 5 Posts

This transformation is acquired by having two more Androids fuse with your body. This isn't permanent so if you attain this transformation your Base form would still be Super Android.
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The Androids
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