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gt trunks
gt trunks

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PostSubject: General Shop(All Planets)   General Shop(All Planets) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 12:13 pm

Senzu Bean: Replenishes your health/strength fully in battle - 250

Saiyan Armor model 1: A thick protective armor comfortable for combat. - 500

Scouter: Picks up a reading on most life forces and their PLs but limited. - 150

Wooden Staff: A regular wooden staff used for weaponry uses - 300

Nyobo Staff: A power pole that can extend and shorten at will - 1500

Nimbus: A yellowish cloud that allows only good alignment people to travel and fly, it also triples your flying speed, - 3000

Sword: A regular sword used for weaponry uses - 300

Katana: A regular katana used for weaponry uses - 300

Dragon Radar: Makes finding dragonballs a lot easier. - 2000

Cybernetic replacements: They are robotic fingers and limbs that replaced lost body parts but have your species tissue on the out side. ( Useless to Namekians, and Majins as they can regenerate. ) - 1000 per body part, 5000 for a whole kit.
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General Shop(All Planets)
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