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 Saiyan Space Shop(Planet Vegeta)

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gt trunks

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Saiyan Space Shop(Planet Vegeta) Empty
PostSubject: Saiyan Space Shop(Planet Vegeta)   Saiyan Space Shop(Planet Vegeta) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 12:12 pm

Saiyan Armor: Protective armor, comfortable and is not destroyed by transformations.

* Model 1: Standard model. - 500
* Model 2: Thinner armor, less durable but assists in swift movement. - 750
* Model 3: Thicker armor, able to absorb harder blows, but somewhat bulky. - 750
* Model Z: Master-crafted armor, each is unique and custom-tailored, fitting only the user that it was designed for. - 2500

Scouter: Picks up a reading on most life forces and their PLs.

* Model 1: Standard model - 150
* Model 2: Extended range and processing speed. - 300
* Model 3: Is not overloaded by very high power levels. - 300
* Model Z: Master-crafted Scouter, each is unique and custom-tailored. Extended range and processing speed, not overloaded. - 1500

Saiyan Weaponry: Durable and rugged weaponry used by some Saiyan fighters. Emphasis is on simplicity and durability, rather than elegance.

* Hunting Dagger: simple foot-long dagger, used mostly when cutting up prey for eating or for cutting trophies off of enemies - 300
* Hunting Axe: simple hand-axe, used when hunting large game animals and monsters on Planet Vegeta - 600
* Ki-Focused Blade: Technologically advanced axe, allows the Saiyan to channel their attacks into the weapon. Used by Saiyan assassins - 2500
* Model Z Weapon: Master-crafted Saiyan weapon, each is unique and designed to be supremely balanced in the hands of the user. - 5000


* Space Pod: Standard Saiyan one-person craft - 1200
* Elite Pod: One-person craft with a low-level rejuvenation ability - 3000
* Model Z Pod: One-person craft with a rejuvenation ability - 6000

Saiyan Services

* Regrowth: For those races that are not capable of naturally regenerating lost body parts. May also regrow Saiyan tails as well, if they are cut off. Body parts are completely natural but must be trained in order to reach an equivalent power level to the rest of one's body. (Cannot be purchased by any being that can regenerate, or by androids of any kind) - 1000 per body part

Saibamen are plantlike creatures which live only to fight. They are grown from seeds and a quick-grow formula, and the purchase of one allows one to plant a single Saibaman. Saibamen are loyal only to those stronger than them, and will side with the strongest combatant in a battle if they are not a Saiyan-- even if this means they fight agaisnt the person whom bought them and grew them! They have some affinity to Saiyans however, appreciating their love of battle, and they will not likely turn against a Saiyan owner.

* Basic Saibamen: 1000 PL each, 150z per (feral, attacks everyone they seem, become Experienced if they rruvive their first battle)
* Experienced Saibamen: 1500 PL each, 300z per (semi-feral, obeys the strongest, +500 PL from each fight they survive)
* Powerful Saibamen: 5000 PL each, 750z per (semi-feral, obeys the strongest, +500 PL from each fight they survive)
* Z-Saibamen: 1/10th the user's power level, 2000z per (bonded, obeys the person they're bonded to, and carries their alignment)

Upgrades (only works on Saiyan crafted items): 1 per Model Z item. Must be selected at the time the item is constructed-- these are advanced methods, and they cannot be added to the item after it has already been built.


o Ki storage, Barrier: May store enough energy for a couple seconds of Energy Barrier. Takes an hour of unbroken concentration to charge up.
o Ki storage, Zansoken: May store enough energy for one use of After-Image. Takes an hour of unbroken concentration to charge up.
o Reflective Layer: Reduces the damage of Ki attacks at the expense of defense against physical damage.
o Absorbing Layer: Reduces the damage of physical damage at the expense of defense against Ki attacks.


o Multi-tracking: Ability to consistently track multiple targets.
o Omni-tracking: Ability to track invisible or hidden targets.
o Soul-Scanning: Scans become closer to the target's true power level if they are hiding it.


o Mono-molecular Blade: Sharpest material in the universe. May not be blocked by physical means.
o Katcheen Construction: Most durable material in the universe. Practically indestructible.
o Ki-Focusing: Gains the quality of a Ki-Focused weapon, but is much more efficient than normal.

Space Pods:

o Advanced Armour Plating: Pod is extremely difficult to destroy.
o Advanced Communicator: Able to communicate across the entire galaxy in an instant. Communication is two-way between Saiyan pods, one-way with other craft.
o Stealth System: Pod is capable of making itself invisible along with the inhabitant, and dramatically hiding their power level-- rendering them virtually undetectable.. Popular with Saiyan assassins.
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Saiyan Space Shop(Planet Vegeta)
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