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 Namekian Merchant(Shop)(Namek)

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gt trunks

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Namekian Merchant(Shop)(Namek) Empty
PostSubject: Namekian Merchant(Shop)(Namek)   Namekian Merchant(Shop)(Namek) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 12:08 pm

Namek Cloak (55 Zennie)
A cloak just like Piccilio had. Great for those awesome entrances or just plan to keep dirt out your face.

Namek Staff (55 Zennie)
A Namekian staff hand carved from the Namek trees and the crystal rock found at the bottom of the water used to make this fine genuine staff.

Namek Blade (95 Zennie)
The blade of a Namek. Not many Nameks use a blade but they do need more protection on Namek.

Healing Fruit (260 Zennie)
A fruit that will heal you and give you a little boost in power it will help but are very rare.

Namekian Long Sword ( 190 Zennie )
This is one of the first types of swords of the Namekian race. The are about 6 feet and are very heavy.

Vehicle upgrades:

Graviton ( 550 Zenni )
A large computer system hardwired into the ship capable of changing the gravity in certain rooms.

Improved thrusters ( 550 Zenni )
Improving your thrusters allows your ship to travel faster.

Heavy plating ( 600 Zenni )
Heavy plating will protect your ship from pirates and other players attacking you.

Shielding ( 650 Zenni )
Energy shields will protect your ship from pirates and other players attacking you. <--

Hyper drive ( 1100 Zenni )
Hyper drive allows you to travel quickly and escape from battles.

Life support system ( 625 Zenni )
This is needed for air breathing species.

Auto pilot ( 525 Zenni )
Allows the ship to drive its self.

Rejuvenation tank ( 450 Zenni each )
These tanks are used to heal wounds.

Lock on lasers ( 550 Zenni each )
These lasers are automatic and lock on.

Lock on missiles ( 550 Zenni each )
These missiles are automatic and lock on.
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Namekian Merchant(Shop)(Namek)
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