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 Freezor(Shop)(Freeza 21)

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gt trunks
gt trunks

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Freezor(Shop)(Freeza 21) Empty
PostSubject: Freezor(Shop)(Freeza 21)   Freezor(Shop)(Freeza 21) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 12:06 pm

Changeling reflective vest ( 50 Zenni each )
A Changeling reflective vest, its made to reflect Ki, 5% chance to reflect ki.

Changeling forces armor ( 100 Zenni each )
A improved version of the Changeling reflective vest, this armor is more sturdier and has a 10% chance of reflecting ki.

Changelings special forces armor ( 150 Zenni each )
This armor is worn by Changeling special forces and henchmen, has a 20% chance of reflecting Ki.

Changeling space ship ( 1000 Zenni each )
The Changeling Spaceship is a multi-level circular shaped craft. The spacious cruiser is equipped to the teeth with weaponry and is usually manned by multiple people. The central control room has a large purple viewing glass that is almost impenetrable by explosives and weaponry
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Freezor(Shop)(Freeza 21)
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