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gt trunks
gt trunks

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PostSubject: Z-Market(Earth)   Z-Market(Earth) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 12:04 pm

Hercule drink ( 25 zenni each )
The original, classic drink of the afro headed fighter himself! Hercule!

Hercule drink DX ( 50 zenni each )
The improved DX version of the original drink, what ever they put in this has cranked it up! <--

Hercule drink SP ( 100 zenni each )
The top of the line and most expensive of beverages, the SP edition. The SP stands for Special. Very witty like the hero the drink is based on. If you thought the other drinks gave you a sugar rush. you'll be wired like you've never been before and highly aware of your surroundings. <--

Pouch ( 10 zenni each )
Its a pouch, can be used for anything. Can be used to carry Senzu beans or Saibamen seeds. Can be used to carry about anything small.

Senzu root ( 25 zenni each )
Eating a Senzu root gives you a small boost of energy.

Senzu leaf ( 50 zenni each )
Gives you a bigger boost of energy than the Senzu root. <--

Senzu seedling ( 75 zenni each )
When eaten you regain all energy, but has no healing <--

Senzu bean ( 125 zenni each )
When eaten you regain all energy and health.

Red bandanna ( 10 zenni each )
When worn makes you look fierce.

Blue bandanna ( 10 zenni each )
When worn makes you look untouchable.

Orange bandanna ( 10 zenni each )
When worn makes you look able to withstand anything.

Vehicle upgrades:

Graviton ( 150 zenni )
A large computer system hardwired into the ship capable of changing the gravity in certain rooms.

Improved thrusters ( 50 zenni )
Improving your thrusters allows your ship to travel faster. Cuts traveling time in half.

Heavy plating ( 50 zenni )
Heavy plating will protect your ship from pirates and other players attacking you.

Shielding ( 50 zenni )
Energy shields will protect your ship from pirates and other players attacking you. <--

Hyper drive ( 100 zenni )
Hyper drive allows you to travel quickly and escape from battles.

Life support system ( 25 zenni )
This is needed for air breathing species.

Auto pilot ( 25 zenni )
Allows the ship to drive its self.

Rejuvenation tank ( 50 zenni eatch )
These tanks are used to heal wounds.

Lock on lasers ( 50 Zenni eatch )
These lasers are automatic and lock on.

Lock on missiles ( 50 zenni eatch )
These missiles are automatic and lock on.
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