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 Capsule Corp. (Earth)

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Capsule Corp. (Earth) Empty
PostSubject: Capsule Corp. (Earth)   Capsule Corp. (Earth) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 12:02 pm

1. Capsule ( 500 Zenni ) Capsules can store any item any size, only can be filled with one item of any quantity.

2. Capsule belt ( 100 zenni ) Used to make carrying Capsules easier.

3. Capsule Corp. fighting Jacket. ( 150 zenni ) The Capsule Corp. provides protection and can carry Capsules.

4. Capsule Corp. Motor cycle ( 250 zenni ) This Capsule Corp. motorcycle comes in a capsule and can be used for fast transportation and can carry 2 people.

5. Capsule Corp. Car ( 500 zenni ) This Capsule Corp. car comes in a capsule and can provide fast and safe transportation and can carry 5 people.

6. Capsue Corp. house ( 1,500 zenni ) This Capsule Corp. house comes in a capsule and has a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

5. Capsule Corp. power glove. (500 zennie) It would give 5% of current battle Power

6. Capsule Corp. steel sword ( 100 zenni ) This steel sword is made with high grade steel and can cut through alot of things....

7. Capsule Corp. Titanium sword ( 250 zenni ) This titanium sword is a exact replica of Tapion's sword and can cut through most metals in the universe.

8. Sword sheath ( 50 zenni ) This sword sheath makes carrying your sword much much easier.
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Capsule Corp. (Earth)
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