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 Rain Character App

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PostSubject: Rain Character App   Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:11 am

Name: Rain

Age: 19

Race: Pure Saiyan

Techniques: Ethereal Blast (I'm posting this technique under the Technique App now)
Grey fiery ki shoots out from the palm, engulfs the target upon contact.

Items: Scythe
Made from saiyan steel and other ingredients. It's unbreakable and extremely light.

Character Description:

His silver-grey hair is the result of his mothers sides' recessive genes.

Character Bio: Rain was born a low-class saiyan warrior on Planet Vegeta. His parents are said to have died while he was still a young boy. Rain has been sent on various missions along with his saiyan brethren, conquering small planets. He hasn't made much of a name for himself, for now he still blends into the crowd.

Starting Planet: Planet Vegeta

Alignment: Neutral, Tends to either be on one extreme or the other.

Other: Personality: Rain can be quite unpredictable when it comes to morality. He tends to act on both sides of the spectrum, embellishing his saiyan rage and destructive powers. At other times a calmer nature engulfs his features and leads him down what other saiyans would call a 'softer' path. He enjoys fighting and training, the rush of adrenaline and saiyan blood as it pulses through and heightens his senses. Rain can be considered more quiet than others socially, however, this is not due to any personal awkwardness or personality disorder; it's just the way he is. Rain works adequately with a team, his only fault for the most part being a lack of communication. There are times when stress from daily life and battles builds up and he'll try to blow off some steam by laying low for a while and avoiding others. He hates the overly confident type of people, and he has a dry sense of humor. Often muttering sarcastic one-liners, other saiyans consider him a bit of an enigma.
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Rain Character App
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