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 The Ultimate Fight Brigade

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PostSubject: The Ultimate Fight Brigade   Wed May 09, 2012 12:20 am

Alliance Name: The Ultimate Fight Brigade
Description: To fight anyone and everyone regardless of their power, alliance, and moral standing. Also possibly conquer/destroy the galaxy
History: Was recently founded by Kiema as he searches for powerful allies.
Alliance Ranks: Brigadier, ValkyriegLight Commando Leader, Valkyrie Light Commando, Odin Heavy Commando Leader, Odin Heavy Commando, Thor Commando Leader, Thor Commando, Omega Squad Leader, Omega Squad Leuitenant, Omega Squad Trooper, Captain, Leuitenant, Trooper/Grunt
Founder/Leader: Kiema
Alliance Members: Kiema; Brigadier
Leader's Orders: To fight everyone who is worthy of fighting or anyone they come across.
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The Ultimate Fight Brigade
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