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 Space Ship Shop(Every Planet)

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gt trunks
gt trunks

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Space Ship Shop(Every Planet) Empty
PostSubject: Space Ship Shop(Every Planet)   Space Ship Shop(Every Planet) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 12:01 pm

Regular/Saiyan Spacepod- 500 Zenny for round trip ticket / 1500 Zenny to buy one

Advanced Spacepod- (larger space of room and faster travel) 3000 Zenny

Small ship- (Bedroom, Control room, Bathroom, and Refrigerator) - 8,000 zenny

Medium ship- (Bedroom, Control room, Bathroom, and Kitchen, *May have a gravity room equipped*) 15,000 Zenny

Large ship - (Bedroom, Control room, Game room, Bathroom, and Kitchen *May have a gravity room and rejuvenation chamber equipped*) 25,000 Zenny

Grand ship- (Bedroom, Control room, Game room, Library, Bathroom, Kitchen, Extra Storage, and Gravity Room *May have a gravity room unequipped and a rejuvenation chamber equipped*) 50,000 Zenniy


Gravity Room - A training room where gravity is multiplied than Earth's normal gravity * capacity is 400x normal gravity*. - 10,000 Zenny

Rejuvenation Chamber - Users may get healed in this room by entering a fully covered special water tank. - 15,000 Zenny

Gravitron: When installed it can be used to increase the ships gravity. - 10,000 Zenny

Improved thrusters: Improved thrusters decrease the time it takes to travel. - 20,000 Zenny

Hyper-drive: Decreases the time to travel. - 25,000 Zenny

Auto pilot: The ship drives its self so you can train in increased gravity - 1,000 Zenny

Thick plating: Increases the amount of damage the ship can take. - 1,000 Zenny

*(If you don't have enough money, you can always share and buy one with another player)
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Space Ship Shop(Every Planet)
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