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 Goten's Legendary Alliance

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PostSubject: Goten's Legendary Alliance   Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:17 am

(( Goten's Legendary Alliance ))

Description: Goten's Legendary Alliance was started by Goten himself on the 5/8/11. Only intended for fun at first, but now Goten takes charge of the Alliance built only for the elite. GLA uphold justice upon Earth and wherever trouble lurks (Cliche, I know).

History: Opened 5.8.11

Alliance Ranks:

Leader/Founder - Goten
Co Founder/Second in Command -
High Command 1 -
High Command 2 -
Foot Soldiers/Grunts -

Founder/Leader:: Goten

Alliance Members::
1: Goten

Leader's Orders: To join your power level must be at least 15,000. Once joined, ask for orders, and I'll pm them to you specifically.
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Goten's Legendary Alliance
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